More about our subscription plans:

25 Odd Combo

Primarily meant for bettors who want to reduce the risk as much as possible, the 25 Odd Combo is our starter pack. Our team of tipsters will focus on building different strategies for you to bring you success. You'd receive not just combos but also opportunities for a straight bet, 5 fold bet, Super Yankee, handicaps, etc. Our tipsters have tremendous expertise when it comes to different markets, so you can expect them to be as flexible as possible. After making a payment, you'd receive our predictions immediately in your e-mail.

75 Odd Combo

Here the odds are increasing, so we are talking about more considerable risk but also a bigger reward. That's no surprise that the 75 Odd Combo is one of our best-selling subscription plans. It's perfectly balanced when it comes to the size of the odds and the profit, so we advise you to try it at least once. We can guarantee you that you'd be surprised how many opportunities you'd see for yourself by doing it. You probably know how difficult it is to make a successful bet with odds so high, but it's certainly not impossible - especially for experienced tipsters.

250 Odd Combo

Now welcome to the heavyweight division? How does it feel to be among the big boys? Have you ever thought about what type of profits you could register with odds like this? Let us say it - tremendous! Yes, these odds are incredibly high, but we hope you are not getting scared easily. This subscription plan is not cheap, but just think about what kind of effort it is to create a winning bet with such odds. Our tipsters are spending a considerable amount of their time picking the right games. The reward? Some life-changing wins that could alter your whole perspective about life. Do you feel ready to invest in this? We hope you are! Just after making the payment, you'd get our 250 odd combos straight in your e-mail.

Why use a professional tipster?

We are getting asked this question often - why should I pay for the services of a tipster when I can make the predictions myself? Let us ask you another question - how many people do you know that got rich by betting? By doing it alone? Without the help of professionals?

Being a tipster is a profession like any other in the world. It means that these people can do certain things better than you because they have the expertise. They know the game and all of its little secrets. We are talking about years of experience, which in the end matters a lot. You can try to continue doing it alone if you wish, but maybe you should think about moving to the next level. Some fantastic things are waiting for you there.